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Book your next vacation rental with Cocoa Beach Best Vacation Rentals to ensure the best price and availability. We have beachfront apartments, condos, single family homes and duplexes. Many are oceanfront or mear blocks from the beach. View our listings with high resolution photos, video walk-throughs, and maps. Make direct contact with us to ask questions or make a reservation.


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The City of Cocoa Beach offers seasonal festivals and has a downtown that offers retail shopping and thrifting at the church donation center. Most everything is within walking distance and there is a trolley bus available seven days a week for transportation needs

A barrier island full of coquina sand, space travel, and beautiful vistas, Cocoa Beach offers an affordable adventure in travel and a brilliant place to live.

In addition to swimming, surfing, surf cast fishing, kayaking and sunbathing, neighboring Cape Canaveral is home to Kennedy Space Center and offers views of shuttle and rocket launches that can be seen from many miles away.

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